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Your cat’s grooming requirements need to consider a number of factors:

- The size of your cat

- Your cat’s age

- Their grooming history

- Gender (whether neutered or not)

- Any medical conditions

- Stage, thickness and condition of coat

- Your cat’s general demeanour

We can discuss these in detail when you contact me and I will make recommendations for your cat or kitten. Once agreed I can give you a quote for the cost of their treatment. Whilst this will be as accurate as possible, your cat’s condition and temperament are significant factors in being able to groom them so I can’t guarantee the final fee before actually meeting and treating your cat.

Please note - cats with thick, heavily matted coats, old or difficult cats are likely to be charged extra, up to £25 as the grooming will inevitably take longer than usual. Any extra TLC is provided free of charge!

My prices include all products used but please remember they are only a guide until I actually meet you and your cat. They do not include the Home Visit fee which depends on the travelling distance to where you live.

After arriving at your house we will choose the best location for your cat’s groom, usually one of the smaller rooms for a safe & secure environment. I’ll spend some time getting to know your cat and enquire about any behavioural or health concerns. We will then finalise the treatment requirements and I can give an accurate cost for the grooming.

Lion cut by Rachael at Feline Divine the master cat groomer serving Sussex Surrey and Hampshire

Nail Clipping

Removal of Knots and Matts

Full Groom with Dry Bath

Wet Bath

Full Clip (also called a ‘Lion Cut’)

It would be helpful if you make sure your cat is waiting in a secure calm room for my arrival and that they have not been fed within the last couple of hours so they are not sitting on a full tummy.

Please familiarise yourself with my

Terms & Conditions

before booking, thank you.

Master Cat groomer Rachael at Feline Divine serving Sussex Surrey and Hampshire We are having a bath with Feline Divine the master cat groomer serving Sussex Surrey and Hampshire Washing - Griffy and Merlin - Feline Divine ,obile cat grooming for Sussex Surrey & Hampshire I wish he'd wipe his feet when he comes in - Feline Divine mobile cat groome rSussex Surrey and Hampshire

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