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expert care without leaving home

expert care without leaving home

Welcome to Feline Divine

Cats aren’t natural passengers so why take them on stressful journeys when I can come to you?

A groom with Feline Divine Mobile Cat Grooming gives your loved ones a professional, compassionate and bespoke service using tender and effective techniques. Oh, and with the convenience of not having to leave home. 

You’re welcome to be there for the groom and I won’t do anything we haven’t agreed in advance. Working with your cat and keeping you both relaxed is why I’m here.

I don’t groom dogs so I’m sorry but you’re in the wrong place if Dougal needs sprucing up. I only work with cats whose temperament requires unique expertise and which also means no canine scents to worry your loved ones.  

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Where can you find me?

Based in West Sussex I can visit you in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. Feline Divine has clients ranging from Brighton & Hove, west to Chichester, Portsmouth and Southampton, north towards Guildford, across to Redhill and East Grinstead then down to Crawley, Horsham and Haywards Heath. I’m sorry but due to traffic and travelling time I don’t go north of the M25.

Pet Feeding

Feline Divine Mobile Cat Grooming offers feeding and care services for cats and other small pets when you’re away from home. I can visit you within ten miles of Pulborough in West Sussex, which includes Billingshurst, Storrington, Petworth, Arundel and Amberley. Fees are per visit, based on straight-forward requirements. Food and other materials are your own and if you have a different request please get in touch, I’m sure I can help.s

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Services & Fees

Regular sessions with a brush or comb help keep your cat’s coat in top condition. Grooming removes dirt, spreads natural oils through their coat, removes tangles and keeps their skin clean and irritant-free. It helps cool your loved ones in warm weather, reduces shedding, the need for vacuuming and the chance of furball surprises (which are never much fun to deal with). 

Prices are a combination of two parts: the groom and the home visit fee which depends on where you live. Fees vary according to your cat’s size: under 4kg; 4-8kg or over 8kg. Nervous and agressive cats or those with medical conditions require more time so this also affects the cost of your groom.

All bookings are subject to my terms and conditions which you can find HERE.

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Coronavirus update

The latest Government regulations allow grooming of your loved ones for their health and welfare. If they’re in discomfort with matts or the condition of their coat please get in touch. We can discuss their needs and how I can help you both.

Staying healthy is essential and I’ve taken several steps to keep us safe. If you have questions about how I do this please feel free to ask when you get in touch.

Look after yourselves and take care.

Rachael at Feline Divine